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Live Roulette – How To Play It?

The Live Roulette is the classic roulette croupiers incorporating live and life that help to have a real experience without leaving the couch in your home.

There are two types of roulette: American and European. The main quality that differentiates one from the other is the number of zeros they have. The European wheel has only a green number, zero, while Americans incorporate other green numbers more double zero. All of them return a percentage greater than 90% in prizes, some cases exceeding 97%.

Live roulette also has a return percentage that is greater than 90% in prizes, and, depending on the type of game, it can exceed 97%. But it is not only that the charm of playing online: we can also find other added diversions such as the possibility of chatting with other players and the croupiers while they throw the ball. You can ask them what you want or simply greet them through chat, and they will answer you live and direct, with an almost television quality.

The live roulette hours are 24 hours, so fun is guaranteed throughout the day, seven days a week.

How to play Live Roulette?

Playing live roulette from home is very simple: you just have to enter Luckia, go to the casino page and enter the live roulette section. There you can choose between several game options, with live dealers 24 hours a day so you can make your move at any time.

All you need is to bet on any of the possibilities that the casino offers, from the plenary session to a number to the possibility of playing a whole dozen, a column, etc. The important thing is to decide your move before the dealer says his famous phrase of “no more .”

How to beat Live Roulette

Regular roulette players are usually divided between those who follow some kind of strategy in the game or those who directly trust luck. The former can bet on groups of numbers such as horses, orphans, third of the cylinder, or neighbors of 0, while the latter try to hunt down plenaries by betting directly on their favorite numbers.

But, in addition, roulette allows other types of strategies betting on foreign markets, that is, on other possibilities of the game such as odd or even, red or black, missing or passing, etc. For all those markets where you pay 1 to 1, that is, double what you bet, there are strategies such as the Martingale, the Fibonacci, the D’Alembert, or the Labouchere. All of them have their pros and cons.

There is also another type of strategy for those who bet on the column and dozen markets, who pay 2 to 1, that is, they collect three times the amount wagered. For them, there is the so-called Z system that, as in the previous cases, also follows a game sequence, but adapted to the benefit that is achieved with these markets.

Blackjack Card Counting: Everything You Need To Know

The casino games are a source of inspiration for Hollywood, and there are many films based on betting on blackjack, roulette, etc. Many of those films agree on a common nexus: they deal with card counting, a battle that often occurs between casinos and players.

The first thing you need to know is what card counting is in blackjack. In this game, each card has a value, and you have to try to add different cards to get as close as possible to the number of 21. Simplifying the development of the game, there are four possible outcomes: if the player passes, he has lost; if the bank is passed, the player wins; and if none is passed, whoever comes closest to the number of 21 wins; and if there is a tie, the move is returned.

The best possible move is blackjack, and it consists of having an ace and a figure in the first two cards. But, if it is not achieved, you have to take risks to get as close to 21 as possible, but without going over. For that, it is essential to know what cards are in the deck, since depending on whether they are higher or lower, we will have more or fewer chances of passing us.

This is where what we know as counting comes into play: some players count the cards that come out of the deck to see if there are more figures to be dealt with or more low cards to be dealt with. If more figures remain, the player or the bank is more likely to go over 21, so the game should be more conservative; if, on the other hand, there are more low cards to come out, you can risk more since the table has more possibilities of reaching 21.

Is it legal to count cards in blackjack?

The answer is yes … but it has some nuances. No casino can prohibit players from counting cards, but that doesn’t mean they like it. Casinos all over the world have the right of admission, so when they discover that someone is counting cards, they are usually expelled directly.

In online casinos, however, things change. No one can ban or kick a player for counting cards when they are at home or simply in front of a computer screen. However, counting cards in online blackjack is useless since the software used is programmed so that each new hand begins to deal from scratch, so the number of cards to be dealt with is never reduced.